"We need to get ready for the party." "Oh, was that tonight?"

I will buy a watch at the store.

Marion is Molly's only child.

You're the only other person who knows why Donovan was fired.

Are you sure you don't want to study at my house?

He knows how to bind books.


It's not attractive.


Fishing was very important.

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The dogs died inside the hot vehicle.


All drivers should obey the rules of the road.

Sarkozy defended a model of sustainable growth.

Which movie did you watch last?

The police recovered the stolen jewelry.

She gives him everything he asks for.

I must object to this plan.

I'm going to be on TV.

Paola was wrong.

What shall we do next week at this time of day?


Debi deserves to know what happened.


It is easy for a monkey to climb a tree.

Come on, children, it's time for bed.

There isn't a scrap of food in the refrigerator.


I have to watch them every second.

He went out in spite of the rain.

You should be very careful in crossing the road.


Granville lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

Do you think Piet saw it, too?

She locked her jewels in the safe for fear they might be stolen.

Half of these apples are rotten.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

I need to pay some bills.

I guess Tarmi is on vacation.


You said you wanted to be a teacher.


Both you and I are men.

They appear dead.

Go for it, Stu.

He seldom went there.

Are you asking my opinion?

Sandy slowly drew back.

Did you give him up?

I had to earn your trust.

My younger brother lives in Boston.


So you were never in love with me.

Consider it a gift.

Liyuan can testify to that.

Are we making progress?

Elizabeth thought he probably shouldn't go there by himself.

I'm beginning to believe that we'll never be able to convince Darren that he's wrong.

For a long time, no village girl would dress her hair or bosom with the sweetest flower from that field of death.


Diamonds are forever.

They know it.

I had to hide from the police.

Did you and Shean have an argument?

Why aren't you going after Sunil?

The general ordered the massacre of all war prisoners.

I trusted her.


Everyone believes that they have prepared for their old age.

But when the pharaoh announced his intention to go out into the garden, they did not object.

That's not what you told me yesterday.

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She's very insecure about her looks.

It's all I've got.

Would you hand me the suitcase, please?

He turned on the TV, and promptly fell asleep sitting before the set.

Raphael has a nasty cut on his leg.

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Sandip has taken off all his clothes.

You're one of Sandra's kids, aren't you?

My bag was nowhere to be found.

What time do you usually get up on Saturday?

This salad is not sour enough.


They were shorthanded.

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I don't understand why pepperoni pizza is so popular.

Can you understand the meaning of this paragraph?

Ellen didn't have a gun.


We'll handle this one.


Ricardo is feeding the baby.

Jef thinks it will rain tomorrow.

Are frogs reptiles? I don't expect them to be mammals.


The patient is always complaining of a headache.

She advised him to do more exercise.

Ji doesn't know what to do anymore.


It happened between eight and ten.

He attends medical conferences.

We cannot appreciate Vesalius's achievement without first referring to the scriptures of Galenus.


Whoever lost a bag with a glucose meter inside, contact this address.

Stop playing and get back to work.

I've lost weight recently.


She's out shopping for shoes.

At ease, soldiers.

If it had not been for his help, we would have failed in our enterprise.

Mom's at work.

You'll meet her.


This is the worst accident that I have seen so far.


Lynnette fell flat on the floor.

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When the little boy saw the clown, the cat got his tongue.

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He pulled the wool over their eyes.

It is more than ten years since we came to live here.

You're deceiving yourself.

His sickness made it impossible for him to continue his study.

He wants to come with us.


Do I look worried?


When it lightly rains like that, I wish to go for a walk in a park.


I paid for Liber's ticket.

Thank you for your letter from the seventh of January.

Dan is now wanted by the police.

Rebecca keeps her best dishes in that cabinet.

I've known Valeria for a long time.

The first phase of construction has been completed.

I learned Spanish from scratch at university.

We looked all over for them.

I want you to find them for me.


He intentionally stepped on my foot on the train.

It's not just a theory.

Po didn't understand me.

Ginny is a citizen of the United States.

Insurance fraud is a crime without a victim.

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I didn't recognize it at first.

Marsh has so much money that he doesn't know what to do with it.

Patrick never told me where he lived.


He is a tough customer.

Recently the number of cars has greatly increased.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Menopause can mean different things for different people.

I also have a bad memory.


I'm just going to put these flowers in some water.

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Eating always carries the risk of getting sick from the food.

We saved the best for last.

Please don't let us down.

Eugene is very clever.

Nathaniel had several photos of Thad hanging on his wall.

Hot air expands and spreads out and it becomes lighter than cool air. When a balloon is full of hot air it rises up because the hot air expands inside the balloon.

I am curious about Japanese culture.

That makes perfect sense to me.

Oh brother sky I take a step forward.


Japan has caught up with America in some fields.

Do you think the campaign was successful in Italy?

I don't believe I know where that is.

I didn't like to write official letters.

Don't you recognize it?

One of the pickpockets blew the whistle on the other two.

He looked back reproachfully.

Who is coming with me?

I always try to tell the truth.


You must get rid of the habit of biting your nails.

It's strange you say that.

We were engaged to be married.


I wish you'd make your mind up.

I thought our boss was stubborn as a mule but actually he has his cute side.

Meat won't keep long in this heat.

I like going to the aquarium.

I hope everyone will be OK.

And your sister!

You can move about in all directions of Space, but you cannot move about in Time.


I don't think Jagath knows what he's supposed to do.

Son has no idea what I intend to do.

The firefighters are trying to bring the flames under control.


Have you gotten paid yet?

I'm a little hesitant to go there by myself.

Sridhar said he's not alone.

I've spent most of my life here.

He countered their proposal with a surprising suggestion.